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idf_iconathon's Journal

July 18, 2009

The International Day of Femslash Iconathon
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An iconathon for femslash day.
This community is an iconathon for the International Day of Femslash. The objective is to make and post lots and lots of icons on IDF - July 18, 2009.

The rules are easy:

-Join the community.
-Claim a femslash ship/subject.
-Make 25 (or more, more is good) icons for your claim.
-Post them on IDF!

The claims post is HERE. Ships/subjects can be claimed more than once, so sign-up for any femslash-y thing you want. And then make 25 or more icons for your claim.

So, where do you post your icons on IDF? Well, here, of course. But since IDF is supposed to be about spreading the femslash, posting them at other communities is encouraged. HERE is a list of possible communities to post at on IDF.

If you have ideas for the comm, or comments or questions, feel free to post 'em.